Hi Im Lindsay -I am married with three children - twin boys and a girl who are all growing far too quickly for my liking! We all love animals and if they weren’t so much work we would have a load of them, but for now a bullmastiff, a cavapoo (who is more like a teddy than a dog!) and two cats is enough for any one family!  We live in the countryside just outside a small village called Moira in Northern Ireland.

I met my wife Debbie in 1997 and we married in 1999. Our own wedding photos were typical enough of that era, although we had asked our photographer at the time to take a more relaxed approach, kind of paparazzi style, our album was still full of those awkward posed photos leaning against a tree!

Of course photography has come a long way with digital allowing the freedom to snap away never missing those special moments.  This is why I am so passionate about shooting weddings. I want you to have an album full of natural photos - photos where you look like yourselves, photos that capture the unscripted story of your day.  My aim is that each photo will allow you to revisit that day over and over, remembering every emotion that time will try to steal from you.  I want the bride to see the pride in her fathers eye and the delight on the grooms face when he sees her for the first time. I love capturing moments of pure excitement and delight amongst guests that are so natural. So often people will comment on how they had no idea I had taken their photo! This is a huge compliment as it is so important to me that my photography doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of you or your guests day.

I mainly shoot documentary photos but still would recommend a few of those traditional family formals. The most i would take you away from your guests would be half and hour or so. I don’t want to interfere with the flow of your day and believe your memories should be of each other and not of the photographer!

In the words of Dr Seuss “ Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory”

So lets create those amazing memories which can be shown for many years to come!

Have a browse through my gallery and please get in touch - I’d love to hear from you!